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  • Bonded Stores

    We are distributors and supplier of bonded stores locally and onboard. We offer a wide variety of beers, spirits, chocolates, cigarettes as well as perfumes and toiletries. The scope is available either to a merchant ship's slop chest or a duty-free shop.
    Fresh Provisions

    Our Company offers a wide range of fresh, frozen, canned and dry products stocked with acceptable conditions. Our assortment takes in consideration crew nationalities. Fresh provisions and dairy products are purchased daily in order to assure top end quality.
    Deck and Engine Stores

    We assist you with your all requirements concerning all kind of deck and engines stores. Through a full access of a network suppliers we can supply with short lead time. Our expertise and knowledge help the ship owners and ship managers to obtain the correct items at the most competitive price.
    Cabin Stores

    A widest range of cabin stores is available from our stock and can be purchased from our reliable partners. We're able to supply from gloves to paint rollers, plates to saucepans, all kind of galley stores or cloth and linen products. Global purchasing and strong experience results in high quality products at a fair price.
    Clearing and Forwarding

    We are qualified and reliable company to undertake Transshipment Delivering. Thanks to this combination of service, namely freight forwarding and storage we can act as one stop supplier. Delivering goods on behalf of owner's along with Provisions, Bonded Stores and Technical Stores will result in cutting costs, time and better environment. Our services and operations are supported by our detailed knowledge of local regulations and practices, which are focused on minimizing costs and optimizing resources. We are committed to quality service that is cost effective and available to our customers in real time.